February 2012

Friends of the Library table at the Digital Bookmobile event.

April 2007

Taiko drumming at A Million More celebration.

May 2012

James Webb Space Telescope program speaker Dr. Mark Clampin.

March 2010

Montana Ave. Branch 50th Anniversary celebration.

  • Who are the friends

    We are a nonprofit, community organization established for charitable and educational purposes. Our members support the library through fund raising and volunteer activities.

  • What we do

    We operate and manage the SMPL book store and branch library book sales. We encourage public use and support of the library. We supplement funding for books, CDs, videos, movies, furniture, children's & youth services programs; new technology & preserving historical documents

  • Friends money at work

    Your money helps us to sustain these successful, ongoing projects: Citywide Reads, Additions to Santa Monica's Image Archive Collection, Library Staff Recognition Events, Mailings of Friends Newsletter Check-It-Out, Volunteer Recognition Celebration.

Friends News

HO HO HO Happy Holidays from The Friends!

Get Ready For… Clash of the Titans: The Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy

Don’t miss Dr. Michael Rich’s 2 PM talk on colliding galaxies this Saturday (Nov. 8) at the library’s MLK auditorium if you want to experience an amazing and beautiful preview of what will happen when the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxies meet head-on.
UCLA Research Astronomer Rich is now leading an international team studying the formation and development of the Milky Way.  Read more about his work here http://newsroom.ucla.edu/dept/faculty/ucla-to-lead-nsf-funded-map-of-the-milky-ways-central-bulge

Astronomers tell us that examinations of distant galaxies show us what the cosmos looked like at an earlier time in the history of the universe. Studying the properties of galaxies at different time spans helps us map the evolution of the world.

Our Amazing Summer Reading Program Has Exploded!

Our science-themed summer reading program exploded this year!  The final stats have been tabulated and submitted to the State Library.  Here’s some highlights.


Our Science Themed Summer Reading Program

There are many people who helped with this success.  Thank you to …

The Friends of the Library for summer funding—we couldn’t do it without their amazing support
Our dedicated pages for keeping our shelves stocked with books during the busy summer
Circulation staff for service with a smile and checking out thousands of books to kids and teens
LSOs for our many program setups
Community partners and businesses who donate prizes and incentives
Branch managers for supporting summer reading and letting it take over their branches for 3 months
IMD staff for cataloging and processing hundreds and hundreds of  summer reading books so quickly
The Advocacy Team for eye-catching mini-posters on the book carts to promote the program
Library Administration  for processing all of our summer supply orders and performer checks, and assisting with the Teen Party
And to the tireless team of youth librarians who work many months each year to make summer reading even better than the last